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Lazy Boring Sunday outfit!

28 Nov

Oh how I love Sundays, woke up super early like always thinking on what to do & what to wear. I usually brainstorm trough my options before going to bed, but I was exhausted.

Waking up in a rush like always (Church bound) pulled out my “Quick & Go” outfit which consist of tights/pant or jeans; Shirt, blazer, heels & Accessories of course 🙂 Quick, chic & easy..

Transform from plain to chic. Instead of just jeans, t-shirt and sandals; or tights and a shirt, layer your outfit to chic. Add a blazer, cardigan or jacket, put some comfy heels & accessories to glam up your look from boring to chic. So simple yet chic!

Hope you all had a Wonderful Bless Thanksgiving Weekend!! Xoxo


Thanksgiving Day!

26 Nov

Blessed and Thankful for everything & everyone I have and don’t have; God is amazing & soo powerful be Thankful and never Doubtful.

Thanksgiving is a typical regular day for our family work, home & eat lol …We wake up at 5:00AM every morning to keep our business running, yes I know super early :/ thats what happens when you have a 24 hour business but blessed & thankful for it..



Mommy daughter time #priceless

Girly <3..
Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving Xoxo