28 Apr

When it comes to labels and tags we rarely understand the actual stuff our clothes are made with. Our clothes are made up of material that’s either Cotton or Polyester and from the occasional countries. But did you know that many of our clothes have other stuff that’s not friendly for our planet. But there are ways to notice if it’s an eco~friendly item, there’s usually a tag labeled eco~friendly. I’ve come across a few over the years and I love the way each item feel they’re extremely soft and indeed colorful. Also many contain organic silks/cotton, and fabrics made from recycled materials, it’s such a chic way to look great.

With any Stella McCartney designs you’ll know why she’s the best, and let’s overlook the fact that she’s the daughter of a beetle (Paul McCartney). Let’s look at her newest spring ready~to~wear collection you’ll notice her take on simplicity and colors. This collection screamed WEAR US, because she made citrus wearable need I say more? Also this collection was filled with colorful patterns and soft pastel touches, with a side of savvy denim. This collection updated the tailored suits and the spilt level dresses made it a front~runner for the 2011 spring/summer trends.

the 2011 ready~to~wear fall collection, and each look was sultry yet simple. She mixed wild circles with two basic colors black and white which made it iconic. These dresses were flirty and classy and Kate Winslet rocked out with one. Many eco~friendly fans love wearing and supporting Stella’s designs but she’s made a big splash with celebrities. Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, Rihanna, and Kate Moss just to name a few. The list could literally go on, and since the 2001 launch of the S.M. brand it’s been her vision all the way.


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